Asthma will cause 2 million
ER visits this year.

Nearly all of these can be prevented.

Wing tracks lung function to help you prevent asthma attacks.

Take control of asthma.
Wing is the first smart FEV1 and Peak Flow meter.
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Don't let ashma catch
you by surprise.

Wing can alert you to a decline in lung function early, often before you even start to feel symptoms of an asthma attack.

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Early detection of
asthma attacks.

Wing displays your results along with a simple color zone action plan so you always know what to do next to stay in control.

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Control asthma
all year round.

Asthma changes throughout the year. Wing helps you and your doctor track how your medications are working and adjust them safely as triggers come and go.

Hospital–grade technology
designed for the home.

Wing uses the same proven technology hospitals use, spirometry. But Wing was built for you. Cleared by the FDA, Wing has passed the most rigorous evaluation of product quality, accuracy, and reliability in the world.